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Zeo Health

Zeo Health Zeolite Pure (Powder)

Zeo Health Zeolite Pure (Powder)

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Zeo Health Zeolite Pure is pure all-natural zeolite crystal that attracts and traps a myriad of toxic particles and heavy metals and ushers them safely out of the body.

Zeolite is so highly effective at removing toxins and heavy metals, that it is known in antiquity as the magic stone due to the miraculous healing effects that are experienced when extreme toxins are removed.

Zeo Health Zeolite Pure is all natural and sourced from the USA for its ultra-purity.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Natural Clinoptilolite Zeolite mineral, mined in the USA.
Net Weight: 400g (14oz)

Some Known Benefits of Zeolite:

  • Digs deep into the tissues to target dangerous heavy metals and chemicals that prevent healing.
  • Removes aflatoxin and other mold toxins (mycotoxins)
  • Removes toxic chemicals such as nitrates, ammonia, chemotherapy drugs (doxorubicin), and insecticides (organophosphates,) fluoridated, chlorinated, and brominated compounds.
  • Removes radioactive elements, such as cesium, cadmium, and others
  • Removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, strontium, arsenic, and toxic aluminum, such as in vaccines, aerosolized toxins from geoengineering, and many more.

Heavy Metals Certificate of Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Which heavy metals can zeolite detox?

Zeolite has been shown in scientific studies to bind lead, mercury, aluminum, barium, cadmium, strontium, and cesium. Zeolite is presumed to bind and remove all toxic cationic metals but not all have been tested.

What can zeolite detox in addition to heavy metals?

Organophosphates, ammonia (useful in liver and kidney failure), nitrates, mycotoxins (aflatoxin), and many other small molecules, such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, processed food additives, and others.

Will zeolite remove good minerals from my body?

In animal studies, daily use of zeolite, even when mixed with food, did not result in any mineral or other nutritional deficiencies. 

How many servings in a bottle of the zeolite?

The container supplies 400 grams. The Medicamentum Authentica serving suggestion is 5 grams (approximately 2 teaspoons) per serving. This will yield approximately 80 servings.

Can I take the zeolite and the cilantro together? 

We recommend taking the zeolite first, and then drink plain water to rinse the mouth before taking Spagyric Cilantro.

Can I take Zeolite with other medications and supplements?

It is not recommended to take zeolite with any other medication or supplement. 

How much time should I wait after taking medication and other nutritional supplements?

We suggest waiting an hour between taking zeolite and any other medications or supplements.

How much zeolite should I take?

When you purchase Zeo Health, you will find a Medicamentum Authentica label on top of the container with a QR code and web address for three different suggested uses and dosages for the product.

Is the aluminum in zeolite dangerous to my health?

In animal studies, not only did the animals fail to absorb any aluminum from the zeolite, but the zeolite removed aluminum in animals who were experimentally poisoned with aluminum chloride.

Are zeolites safe to consume?

Zeo Health Zeolite Pure is a volcanic mineral known as clinoptilolite. In the clinical studies that are published, clinoptilolite zeolite shows no signs of toxicity at all, which is unusual for any substance.

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